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Ice Passion Fruit Tonic Coffee

Ice Passion Fruit Tonic Coffee

Best for Asmita/Yuga Ingredients - Decoction(for 2 cups) Quantity Ground Coffee 2 tbsp or 20 gm Hot Water (93℃ - 97℃) ½ cup or 140 ml     Ingredients - Ice Passion Fruit Tonic Coffee (for 1 cup) Quantity Coffee Decoction 40 ml Tonic Water 120 ml Ice cubes 6-7 pieces Sugar Syrup 10 ml Passion Fruit 1 Preparation Decoction Fix the upper cup on top of the bottom chamber Add ground coffee to the upper cylindrical cup of the Filter Slightly wet this coffee with 1/3rd of total water and let it stay for 30 seconds Tamp this coffee with...

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