Lavender Blue Pea Iced Vanilla Latte

Lavender Blue Pea Iced Vanilla Latte
Best for Dainika/Anandam/Vanilla

Ingredients - Decoction
(for 2 cups)


Ground Coffee

2 tbsp or 20 gm

Hot Water (93℃ - 97℃)

½ cup or 140 ml



Ingredients - Lavender Blue Pea Iced Vanilla Latte

(for 1 cup)


Coffee Decoction

40 ml


120 ml


1 tsp or 5 gm

Blue pea flower tea 2 tsp
Lavender buds 1 tsp
Ice cubes 6-7 pieces
Vanilla Syrup 10 ml



  1. Fix the upper cup on top of the bottom chamber
  2. Add ground coffee to the upper cylindrical cup of the Filter
  3. Slightly wet this coffee with 1/3rd of total water and let it stay for 30 seconds
  4. Tamp this coffee with a plunger/press disc. Avoid pressing too hard
  5. Pour the remaining boiled water into the upper cup and partially cover with the lid
  6. Let the coffee decoction drip slowly from the top chamber to the bottom


Final Cup

  1. 2 tsp of blue pea flower tea
  2. 1 tsp of lavender buds
  3. 30 ml hot water
  4. Strain blue decoction after 10 mins
  5. Ice cubes
  6. 10 ml vanilla syrup
  7. Milk of choice
  8. Layer with coffee decoction
  9. Stir it well, enjoy!

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Tips & Tricks / Cheat Sheet

  • Decoction too thick? - Reduce the brewing ratio
  • Decoction too thin? - Increase the brewing ratio
  • Spice it up? - Add jaggery instead of sugar and ginger powder
  • Approx Brewing time - 10 -15 mins
  • Brewing time too long? - Tamp light
  • Pour back and forth between two cups to mix ingredients thoroughly, cool the hot coffee to a sipping temperature, and most importantly, aerate it without extra water

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