Bhava Coffee:
Indian Coffee with a Global Appeal

It is often said that a bad day with coffee is much better than a good day without one. Well, coffee is just what one needs to kick start a new day, to enhance your mood and uplift your spirit. A great way to bond over conversations, good ideas often start with great coffee.

As an ode to this humble beverage and with the aim to fulfil the needs of coffee lovers, Bhava coffee presents a plethora of artisanal blends to satiate the tastes of all coffee drinkers. An organization whose name aptly means “Let something good happen’’, Bhava is committed to provide good quality coffee to coffee drinkers all over. Highly focused on research, Bhava curates its coffee exclusively from Indian beans allowing coffee drinkers to savour a plethora of artisanal blends.

‘It’ all started when food met technology.

The two colleagues turned partners started brewing up Bhava out of pure passion. One is passionate about the finest food and beverages and the other is a tech professional. Being so close to his south india culture and his visit to Europe striked Bharat, one of the co-founders, the need to bring filter coffee the recognition it deserved. Covid’s lockdown served Prashant the perfect amount of time to propose Bharat’s research on how he could bring his motive to action to be taken on a global level rather local and with lots of trial and errors, testing and experimenting they ended up with the perfect blends that would suit the various taste palate that could be appreciated on a global level. ‘Bhava’ is the outcome of all the love for filter coffee which launched in 2022, again the perfect time for people to try out and get back to the usual routine of day to day life.

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Holistic Coffee Experience

The pandemic has had an unprecedented effect in the way we live and has forced people to stay at home. Coffee lovers either had to make do with whatever coffee was able to online or resort to instant coffee. With an aim to find the perfect solution, Bhava allows every coffee lover to indulge and find a blend to match their palate. Bhava is committed to craft superior blends from a variety of beans making it an ambrosial experience for customers. It is key to note that they follow top notch roasting and brewing techniques to bring out the best taste and flavour from the coffee beans.

Recognising that customers have different reasons for drinking coffee, their objective is to provide everyone with a unique blend of their choice. The experience one gets from drinking coffee depends on a variety of factors - such as the origin, the method of picking the beans, roasting process and the brewing method. While most companies focus on sourcing of the coffee beans, Bhava emphasizes on customer needs. The blends are curated based on key coffee attributes like aroma, flavour, body and after taste that the customer wants to experience. 

Focus on Research and Process

In order to do so, the team at Bhava have invested heavily in research which is done on the entire coffee making process. The parent company of Bhava Coffee is Bhava Food and Research Labs. At Bhava there is a major emphasis on research to understand consumer needs and the market demand. This exercise has been extensively done by the brand during its inception days in order to understand consumer wants and cater to the same. They strive to craft their artisan blends using the best quality coffee. Invigorating and flavourful, the blends are a perfect fit for the discerning customer who love the best of both worlds; taste as well as wellness.

Choosing the best coffee beans and the perfect raw materials is a priority at Bhava. Special attention is given to the processing of raw materials, manufacturing and packaging of the end product. Bhava coffee sources its coffee beans from different parts of India and naturally processes them using optimum methods to achieve the ideal quality. The manufacturing process of this product is done at an ISO certified facility. The superior product packaging ensures that the product remain flavourful and fresh. The double layered packaging ensures safety, maintains the coffee aroma and has a pleasant appeal.

Blends Galore

Some of the blends offered by Bhava include:


This is an occasional delight blend with a distinctive Roasted Nuts aroma and a great after taste and is pure happiness as the name suggests. The medium roast makes the coffee flavourful and creates a blissful experience with each cup giving it a medium sweetness. This is available as ground coffee compatible with the Indian brewing method.  


This everyday blend of coffee is a medium dark roast with a cocoa aroma and a high sweetness. It is available in ground coffee only and is also a good choice of coffee to be used in cold coffees. This type of coffee is exclusively for filter coffee usage and represents the traditional Indian way of consuming coffee. This blend is a mix of coffee and chicory.


As the name suggests Asmita means pride. The coffee used is the Authentic Indian speciality coffee. This is a medium dark roast coffee blend with a milk chocolate aroma. The coffee beans like the others are handpicked from the best South Indian plantations with a higher sweetness note. This coffee is available as whole beans and ground coffee making it compatible for all brewing techniques. 


 This is made from Indian Pea berry and is pure coffee with no added chicory. It is ideal for customers looking to savour the taste of pure coffee before the modern-day roasting method and take a walk down memory lane. This medium dark roast has a cocoa roast aroma giving it a high sweetness. This coffee is available as whole beans and ground coffee making it suitable for all brewing methods. 


This type of coffee has the special flavour of vanilla. The complex flavours of vanilla add in a rich texture and complement the bitterness of the coffee giving it a sweet flavour. It is a medium roast blend with vanilla giving it a high level of sweetness. This is available as ground coffee only compatible with the Indian brewing method and can also be made available for other brewing techniques.



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